The Right Fit!

We make your business our business

At J&S CPA, LLC. we treat each client's financial business as if it were our own. To us, nothing is more important than knowing all we can about your financial goals and aspirations, and helping you to achieve them.

Our professional financial team is constantly working to know every significant aspect of your business operation, and the key members of your organization.

We believe that "CPA" stands for Close Personal Attention. We strive to have one of our accounting principals involved with every account we handle. We remain committed to provide the highest quality results any client has the right to expect. Our hands-on approach to detail has established a track record for J&S CPA. We regularly invest much more effort than is typically expected by those requiring an accountant's services.


At J&S CPA, LLC., we acknowledge the importance of quality accounting compliance services. Yet, our clients consistently find they get more value from our financial planning and management advisory services. We make it a point to meet with every client well before the end of each fiscal year to plan financial strategies. This pro-active approach enhances our ability to minimize taxes while maximizing cash flow. Our firm's solid experience consistently gives us an edge in identifying and solving most client financial problems. This insight into financial consulting also lets us recognize when to advise our clients to obtain outside expertise.

Finally there's our determination to provide the best accounting services with the least hassle - helping to create an atmosphere our business or personal clients have come to trust.

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